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The 3K Movement Book

3K Movement Book


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Bringing my best to the fitness arena each day in an effort to help others attain optimum physical conditioning and emotional well-being (the two are closely linked) and continuing to grow a successful business are at the core of who I am and what I love. The marketplace is filled with books focused on nutrition or fitness regimens, and while many of them likely bring value in their own way, I’d rather share with you the driving forces behind overcoming challenges big and small and the keys I believe open the door to our success – not just in fitness or business but in life in general. From a business owners perspective, I’ve learned the necessity of wearing multiple hats each day. It’s all about earning respect of our clients and employees; it’s about being a good leader and listener and finding ways to may our teammates better. Mentor-ship is vital to sustained success in business and in life. It’s important to seek out others who have had success so we can learn from them, and to share with others our own positive experiences. Coming up short, sometimes, is just part of the game. No one has succeeded every time, at every turn, in business or in life. Coming up short can provide valuable lessons for achieving success when facing a similar challenge the next time around, and hearing of others’ experiences and sharing our own can be invaluable learning opportunities for everyone.