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Fitness3K offers the best in a 3D Scanning Assessment System which analyzes body measurements, and extracts measurements like your waist, hip, thigh, and more with less than 1% error.

This is 76% more precise than an expert tailor, and way easier. Our 3D imaging calculates multiple points of your measurements with 2mm accuracy quickly in 30 seconds with ease and convenience. Our 3D body fat scanner is an innovative approach to assessing body composition, tracking changes in your body, aiding in weight loss, and building fitness and health-related goals.

Our as a body fat scale has the capacity to generate measurements that allow individuals to better visualize where they are in regard to health and wellness. During a quick scan, millions of data points are recorded using more than 600 infrared images. This data is then uploaded to the intelligent Styku software, where a 3D model of the body is created. This model and the details extracted from the data speak to individuals both numerically and visually while allowing professionals to obtain hyper- accurate measurements and view body composition in greater detail.